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I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars...

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Welcome, this is the graphics journal of petiole feel free to join and look around.

I mainly do icons, moodthemes and banners although I have been known to do headers and OTP Banners.
My main focus is football related graphics although I do make a lot of other fandoms also.
I have a requests/suggestions post, so if you have one, anything at all, leave it here. However the post is members only.
Want to post your icons here? Then let me know.


Please make me happy and comment to tell me what you've taken.
Credit is a must, petiole or estrella_icons, if you don't know how ask me, I don't bite.
Hotlinking is evil.
Unless I say otherwise or you ask me, blanks are not bases.
This comm is not members only let me keep it that way, don't copy or claim as your own.
Have fun.


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If you want to Affiliate just comment here.

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i love the light for it shows me the way
yet i will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars

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